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Stush raw tape ins

PriceFrom C$160.00

Stush Natural is a naturally bone straight pattern with a low to  medium luster. This hair can also be curled with the use of any heat  styling tool.


Stush Body's loose  "s"  wave  pattern  makes  it  easy to  style  and  maintain,  you can  get  up  and  go  and  wear  it  in  its natural state.  Curls hold beautifully,  yet also has the ability to  be  flat  ironed  bone  straight.


Origin: Indonesian
Weight: 100 g / 3.5 oz
Color: Natural Black / Brown (1B-2)

  • Decription

    Stush raw bundles are 100% raw hair that has not been steamed processed or chemically altered in any way. Raw hair varies in pattern, tone, and is typically lower to medium luster due to the fact that it is not processed and cut from same donors. Raw hair also requires more love and care due to the lower luster and being that it is not coated with any chemicals to give it a silker feel.

    No two bundles are the same when it comes to raw curl textures hair. They won’t be very different from each other but never identical because the hair is not steamed to form a uniform pattern.

    Stush raw bundles can be colored, bleached, straightened and curled.

  • Returns and exchange policy

    There  are  no  refunds  on  any  of  our  extensions  or  services.  We  do  offer  an  exchange policy on  unopened  hair  extensions  within seven (7)  days  of  you  receiving  your  order.  We are  proud   of  the   high  quality  hair  extensions  that  we  offer.  However,  we  understand  that  there  may  be  a   case  in  which  you  need  to   exchange  your  order  and  we  are  more  than  happy  to  accommodate  exchanges on  hair  extensions  that  have  not  been   opened,  worn  or  tampered  with. 

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